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About Me




Consumers are shopping the internet and the numbers are rapidly rising. The internet is becoming another way to shop for goods, vacations, computer software safely and easily.

4.2 Billion in offline consumer goods and service sales were influenced by online information last year. Two thirds of all online purchases were made during visits to web sites directly from search engines and URLS found from other sources.

What does this mean to you, the small business owner? Your website can take a one to one marketing to a new level. Nearly 60 percent of all online households log on to their internet services at least once a day.

Global shopping has new meaning to the small business. Now you can advertise you travel, gift, services to the world. Almost 4.3 percent of all Western Europeans are now World Wide Web users. Total internet commerce revenues in Western Europe will grow from 1 Billion in 1997 to 30 Billion by the year 2001.

Now is the time to get in on some of this action! "Since my lodge has been on the internet it has been 80 percent of my bookings, It is the best investment I have done in a long time, besides a new fishing boat!!" Is what Steve of the Homestead Trophy Lodge had to say about his website on the internet.



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