Northroaders have such a reputation as hillbillies, country bumpkins and vigilantes that we forget all the good and beautiful things about Nikiski. First thing....we are ALL your average Joe's and Jane's! But this is not the average place to live. We have some of the most awesome scenery around. We have the mountain views over the inlet. We have beautiful sunsets. The biggest trees. The most wildlife. And most of all....we are all family!

Nikiski Pool and Recreation Center

People all over come to the Nikiski Pool which has the only indoor slide on the Kenai Peninsula. There are workout rooms and handball courts to play in. A huge hot tub to unwind in. There are 2 baseball fields and an indoor ice rink to play games  in. There are miles of trails for snow skiing and bike riding and jogging.

Captain Cook State Park

Located north at the end of Spur Highway is some of the most beautiful scenery. There is camping and picnic facilities. A great place to go beachcombing looking for driftwood and agates.

Swanson River

Here you will find some great fishing and hiking opportunities. Many outdoor enthusiasts will float on canoes starting from Sterling and end their journey in Nikiski.

Stormy Lake

This lake is a very popular swimming a boating lake. There is a lot of fish that can be caught. Many take boats and camp out on the more remote locations on the lake. It is a great place to go water skiing and jet skiing.


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