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So, what is there to know about me. Well, I have been building and maintaining websites since 1995. I began by surfing and was so intrigued that I downloaded my first html editor, Hotdog by Sausage Software. After playing with it and learning, I built my first site. "Everything Under The Midnight Sun" began by adding some of the things I really enjoyed doing and living in Alaska. With a few graphics and some links and uploading my files I was on the net! Boy has the site changed over the years. I have added new features along the way. Homesteading in Alaska came about because that was the most asked question folks emailed me about.

Nikiski Bulldog wrestling started when my son Jason joined the varsity team. I knew that our kids in Alaska do not get the exposure they deserve. This gave them the opportunity for them to be known to colleges around the USA. Then while surfing one day, I did a search on teens. What surprised me was what came up on those searches. It was adult sites that were inappropriate to our young teens. So I worked on a site for teens. HangTeen was fun to put together. I tried new things and learned a lot. One of my big accomplishments is the trivia game.

And there is failure, Kenai Classified didn't really fail, I just couldn't keep up with it. And I was getting mostly easy money making schemes. Which is not quite what I had in mind. So, I decided to scratch that site and try something new. And now I decided after 3 years of building and designing that I should start my business. I decided I wanted to work from home and be my own boss. And I have confidence in myself and my work to make a go of this ever changing and constant process of designing and maintaining websites.

I plan to build a site called the Peninsula Plaza. There will be pages for categories. There you will find pages of businesses from the Kenai Peninsula. I hope to integrate this with my package deals. And promote this new site as the peninsulas shopping plaza for surfers and shoppers from around the world.


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May 21, 1996

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My latest "Atta Girl!" June 12, 1998


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